About Us

Say Goodbye

Gone are the days of  using the leftover corners of your makeup wipe to ferociously scrub your lipstick off.

Say Hello

Finally, a lip swipe!  Lip Luffa is designed to fully clean and gently exfoliate your entire pout in one easy swipe!  

Takes One to Know One

Lip Luffa was created out of necessity.  With over 12 years experience as a freelancing, bi-coastal makeup artist, Stephanie Lawrence found herself in need of a quick, sanitary and efficient  way to remove a stubborn lip stain more times than she can count.  Once time working on as a commercial set, dramatic lip change was required and she had limited time and resources but managed.  It was in this moment, Stephie recognized the need for a better solution.  Then, Lip Luffa was born! 

It is our mission at LL to create products that help badass artist become even better.